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If you can blow a balloon, you definitely can play the saxophone!

I provide saxophone lessons for people of all ages and abilities. Lessons are available in person or on zoom. ​

Enquire for private saxophone lesson or ensemble coaching! ​

My Teaching Philosophy: 
Playing the saxophone is fun, enjoyable and easy to pick up! Learn your favourite tunes from day one!  

Through my classes, expect to 

  • explore the saxophone through improvisation and playing

  • develop chamber music skills by working with a pianist and in saxophone duos/quartets 

  • cultivate your stage presence and find confidence in performance

  • have the opportunity to gain performance industry experience and be exposed to other industry players in the music scene in Singapore

  • participate in an annual studio recital! 

At my home studio in Tampines

​​For Beginners: $90 SGD/30mins

  • learn your favourite songs right from the start... even before you learn to read music! ​

For Seasoned players (Grade 5 onwards): $160/hr 

  • Pieces you'd love to play

  • ABRSM examinitation 

  • Technique through Scales (Scales by Steps and by Intervals - Saxophone by Jean Marie Londiex)​.


Do I need to have a saxophone to start? 

I have saxophones for rent, so you can start right away! Saxophones can be as cheap as $700 and as expensive as $20000 so there’s a saxophone for all kinds of budgets! 

Do I have to know how to read music to start? 

No, you don’t! Music, like language, is spoken (artistically of course), read and written! We’ll go straight to making music, and learn to read and write along the way! 

If you've ever wanted to play the saxophone, let's get in touch! 

Come by yourself or bring a friend!

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Do you own a saxophone yet?

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